Whose on the Other End?

There is a term used in both the banking and financial worlds that goes as follows: “Know Your Customer”. This is the practice of actually knowing and building a rapport over time with the people you are doing business with. Granted, most people that have loved ones are not in business with them. However, you want to make sure that while it is friendship or love for you it is not just “business as usual” for them.

You’ve heard the horror stories. People meeting others online, and never meeting them in person. Eventually one of these people falls in love with the other. Although the names change, the stories often end the same. One person is out hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars, while the other person has seemingly vanished.

Majority of you that read this will think, “I have enough sense to not send money to a person I don’t know.” And yet, there are thousands that do every year. For the sake of this article, let us define what “Knowing a Person” actually is.

There are two ways of knowing a person; casually and intimately (does not always means sexually).

Casually knowing someone would suggest you know the following:

  • Their name (first name at least).
  • You have interacted with the person on more than three occasions.
  • You know at least 3 personal facts about them (examples: kids, hobbies, occupation, etc.).

Co-workers or school-mates are good examples of a casual relationships. This is not however to suggest that this relationship cannot change.

To know someone intimately would suggest all of the above along with the following:

  • You are related to this person by marriage or blood.
  • You have physically or virtually met/interacted with this person.
  • You are comfortable confiding in this person with personal details about yourself.
  • They are comfortable confiding in you with personal details about themselves.

The point of this article is this: If you do not know a personal intimately, you should not be sending them anything in way of personal or financial assistance. We here at Deliver Dominican make it our number one priority to protect our customers (both inside and outside of the Dominican Republic). We know that a service like ours cannot survive without integrity and rigid standards. We painstakingly place and enforce measures to ensure pricing is accurate and kept to date. Lastly, we ensure that all services rendered by Deliver Dominican are done with the highest level of quality and professionalism.

Despite these efforts, we still need your help…

A wise woman once said “Your common sense, is your front line of defense.” That being said, when sending any assistance to anyone using our services please exercise common sense and use your first instincts. In case you are considering sending money to someone you are not related to or intimately acquainted with, here are some suggestions:

  1. Video and Audio Chat – Whatsapp is an app commonly used internationally due to its no cost means of sending messages and placing voice/video calls.
  2. Ask Questions – Many times people find themselves in a world of regret because they neglected or were reluctant to ask questions. If you going to assist a person in another country, you have the right to ask questions.
  3. Visit Them – The Dominican Republic’s largest revenue generator is tourism. Because of that, getting down there is not an expensive undertaking. You can check flights here.
  4. Trust your instincts – Very often when people are distracted by their emotions, they tend to throw caution along with common sense to the wind. Your instincts have served you well in life. Don’t turn your back on them now.

We created this website to provide a means of transparency to people like yourself that may have lingering and understandable doubts about sending assistance internationally. We hope your experience here is enjoyable and rewarding.

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