About Deliver Dominican

Deliver Dominican was created and invented by an American I.T. professional that enjoys traveling for leisure. During his travels throughout Europe, Asia and especially the Caribbean, he befriended several expats (foreigners living abroad), locals, and leisure travelers like him. As he sat and spoke to many of these fellow travelers and Americans of Caribbean descent, a common trend was revealed. A trend of Dominican friends, relatives and loved ones asking for assistance with emergencies, occasional, and everyday needs. Because of the distance, wiring cash to fulfill these requests was the best option.

Understandably there would be concerns. The biggest question raised by those that got these requests was: If I send this cash, how do I know what it is really being used for?

It is lingering doubts such as these that cause many sincere and honest requests for assistance to go unanswered.

Deliver Dominican was created to fulfill requests quickly, professionally and most importantly accurately. With Deliver Dominican there is no longer any doubt what is being sent, and who it is for.

DeliverDominican.com is owned and operated by JOM Diversified, and is based in The Woodlands, Texas (north of Houston). Dominican operations are presently located in Santo Domingo, Santiago and Puerta Plata. We are actively recruiting for Samana, Punta Cana and both the Northwest and Southwest sections of the country as demand in these areas increase.

How It Works

1. Create a shopping cart of items wanted/needed by your friend, relative or loved one in the Dominican Republic, pay and checkout. They can also create a cart and send it to you for payment as well.

2. You will receive an email confirmation of the order you placed. The recipient and the Regional Coordinator will both get text message notifications.

3. The Regional Coordinator will purchase those items locally, and deliver the order to your intended recipient. Your recipient will confirm that they received it. Once the order has been completed, Deliver Dominican pays a commission to the Regional Coordinator.

That’s it!

Why Deliver Dominican?

Deliver Dominican is committed to providing all customers (both Western and Dominican) a secure, honest and safe platform for online transactions and delivery of goods and services.

We strive to keep all financial information private and confidential. Because of this, we use secure SSL for all transactions that take place on our website(s). No parties will ever see each others information, and such information will always be encrypted.

Deliver Dominican US as well as Dominican operations takes security very seriously. All orders and deliveries are verified to minimize the risk of fraud. All credit card transactions are ran through a fraud detection process, and all deliveries are manually verified to ensure that only the intended (or authorized) recipients get their deliveries.

We also take customer service very seriously. In all relationships communication is key, especially in business. The worst thing about anything is the “not knowing”. Deliver Dominican reduces the lingering doubts of delivery that has brought you to our website in the first place.

Below is our mission and commitment to our customers. If you have any further questions, please read our FAQs’.

Our Mission

Our commitment to our customers, members and affiliates

  • Provide complete transparency in all transactions
  • Give world-class Customer Service
  • Provide accurate and regularly updated pricing for all goods and services
  • Give back and reinvest in all communities we do business in
  • Provide greatest possible savings and value to all customers